Visual Art

[collaborations with visual artists]
works by Manon de Boer➤
Sylvia Kristel, Paris sound2003
Resonating Surfaces sound and composition2005
Presto, Perfect Sound violin [Béla Bartók Violin solo Sonata, Presto]2006
Villes saisies / Gewonnen Steden [with Nedjma Hadj]sound2007
Attica violin [music by Frederic Rzewski]2008
Dissonant violin [music by Eugène Ysaÿe]2010
by Manon de Boer & George van Dam
sequenza violin, image and sound edit [music by Luciano Berio]➤ augusteorts.be2014
with Trudo Engels➤
randomJimy composition, performer1996
works by Ana Torfs
Ein Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten actor➤ anatorfs.com1998
Révolution performer➤ anatorfs.com2003
works by Angela Bulloch
Short Big Drama sound installation for the exhibition ➤ ➤ estherschipper.com2012
Yellow Drawing Machine composition / ABCDLP002

ABCDLP002 - Short Big Drama, 2012.
Composer and performer, George van Dam.
Concept, Angela Bulloch